SCHOOL TIMES : Adventurous travel

I love travelling to new places as it is the best way to know about things and places. I always travel when I get spare time.

One holiday, I decided to visit the Patan Durbar Square as it was the only durbar square I hadn’t visited. I was used to travelling with my friends, but nobody was willing to accompany me that day. So I set off on my visit alone.

During the time I was on a bus, I was not so optimistic about the trip that day. When I got off the

bus, there were a lot of things I needed to do. I asked locals the way to Patan Durbar Square. I was excited to some extent and I had the pleasure of doing sightseeing alone. After a 30-minute walk, I reached my destination.

First of all, I got a ticket and entered the Patan Museum. The museum was really remarkable and wonderful. It has valuable objects of artistic, cultural, historical and scientific importance. The temples, shrines, drawings and handicraft are awe-inspiring indeed. I also visited various chowks and Krishna Mandir with 21 spires.

I had my tea at a hotel and returned home. On the way back, I felt that I had learnt a lot that day. When I travelled with my friends and teachers, I would enjoy but travelling alone teaches me a lot of things because I have to manage everything on my own during a trip.

— Dev Raj Adhikary, Class IX, Gurukul Public School, Nepaltar