SCHOOL TIMES : Age of discoveries

Teenage — Wow! this word itself is filled with zeal and enthusiasm. We all know that the age 13 to 19 years of age is known as teenage. It’s considered to be the most cherished period in one’s life.

Talking about the thoughts of a teenager, they are too weird and wild. They often wish stuff like ‘If only I was like Brad Pitt or Aishwarya Rai’, ‘Why isn’t my physique like Hrithik’s?’ ‘I want to be as famous as Avril or Kurt Cobain’. ‘If only I were as rich as Bill Gates.’

Teenagers are never content with what they have. However, they are always up to date with the latest fashion in town and are always aware of the happenings and celebrity gossips.

Then they have other issues to think of like ‘I guess he’ll surely notice me if I wear this.’ ‘How shall I express my love for her?’ ‘That girl is very pretty, will she agree to dance with me if I ask her?’

These are only some of the feelings a normal teenager has on his/her mind. Infatuations occur every other day, which turn teenagers into daydreamers. And it’s a lot of fun ragging friends who are infatuated with someone.

A teenager is always interested in making new friends, hanging around with pals. They prefer to be with their pals rather than family and relatives. Though they are friendly, they get hurt easily and are quite moody too. I guess these are some qualities that almost all teenagers have.

— Sriju Shrestha, SLC Batch 2008, St Mary’s School