SCHOOL TIMES : Blessings called friends

Friendship is a God’s gift, and friends are blessings. It is a holy bond that everyone is bound to be in. Having a true friend beside you changes the very course of your life. No matter what happens to you, your friend is always there to stand by your side.

In good times, your friend is always there to rejoice and celebrate with you, and in bad times s/he will always be there to lend you a shoulder to lean on.

I feel lucky to have a friend at my side who is very special to me. One who helps and guides me, cheers me up in rough times, makes me laugh out loud and most importantly, she makes me realise the true essence of friendship.

Yes, she’s my best pal. I am confident that no matter what happens we shall remain friends for life. I advise you to have a true friend, a valuable friend who will be your friend for life.

— Archana Kharel, Class IX,

St Mary’s High School