SCHOOL TIMES : Charms of village life

I believe that village life is more pleasant and economical than city life. Most of the inhabitants of villages are service minded and tend to serve others in times of need. Village life is not very luxurious, but simple and practical. The bio-physical components of the environment are very conducive for the well being of the villagers.

People living in villages do not yearn to earn a lot of money. They toil just to live their day-to-day life facing different odds. Most people do not generally have very high targets in life. They live and help others to

live. Maybe due to their service oriented nature, villagers lag behind in economic progress.

The sole purpose of people in villages is not to run after their unlimited desires for wealth and power, but to live their simple daily lives. Fulfilment of their basic needs is enough for their happiness and the idea of luxury is not important for them.

They prefer a more practical life than a sophisticated one. They tend to use what they have and are content

with it. And they do not amass more than what is needed, so they do not have to face unwanted consequences.

Hence, simple and practical life is what they desire most.

Moreover, village environment is clean and green. Clean and green environment is the blueprint for sound health.

It reduces the vulnerability to diseases. So, villagers are healthier and more active.

Finally, village life though it seems ancient, is very practical, though difficult is pleasant.

— Pemma Wangchen, Crystal Mountain

School, Dholpo