SCHOOL TIMES : Drama that’s called life

How would you define life? If you ask me, I’d say ‘life is a complete drama’.

Don’t you all agree that the place where we are is our stage where we perform this drama of life? Everyone is a character in this drama that we will continue till our dying breath.

There is no script that we need to learn by heart and say in front of an audience. Our brain is the sheet which contains every dialogue. Whatever your brain instructs, you convey that in dialogues or some other form to the other characters around you.

Life is an expedition where you will face different challenges.

If you are unhappy with your life, then perhaps you can brighten up your day by recalling happy and joyful memories. This method can bring a smile to your face, which will mean a lot to those who care about you.

Don’t think you are a loser because you haven’t achieved so many of the things that you set out to do. You will face victories as well as defeats.

Don’t try different things to attain fame, but do things in a different way. Enjoy your life to the fullest because life is not certain.

Unless you experience misery, you will not know the importance of happiness. A blend of happiness, sorrow, victories and defeats will add to the taste of your life. — Suvechhya Shrestha, Class IX A, Kantipur English High School