SCHOOL TIMES : Evening walk

Generally there are many things that we can do in the evening such as watching television, playing, listening to the music and many others. But in my view, the best thing that can be done is to go for an evening walk.

I think it is important and beneficial because other things can be done anytime but it is best to walk during the evening. We can walk around the streets looking at greenery. Most of us may think what is the use of evening walk and why get tied up in such a stupid thing. But I think it is more pleasant in the evenings than in the mornings.

Apart from this, one’s health will also improve. If you are tired reading a book, a walk is most suitable. I promise you that it will not be boring.

If you do not like walking, then you can also go cycling or a bike ride. This is not just for fun, but also for mental satisfaction as well.

I have benefited a lot from these evening walks. I usually go cycling as well. When I am tired of reading books or staying at home, I roam around for refreshment. So, friends I suggest you to roam around in the evenings. You’ll really enjoy it!

— Viveckh Pandey, Class IX, Wilson