SCHOOL TIMES : Friendship of fairies

Long, long ago in a kingdom far away, there was a fairy princess whose name was Sona. She was more beautiful than all the other fairies and all of them loved her.

There was another fairy who was called Nisa. She was not beautiful and no one liked her.

One day Nisa thought of a plan to make all the other fairies hate fairy Sona. So she called Sona and gave her a big knife. Then Nisa went outside and cut off the unicorn’s horn. After this she called out to the other fairies who thought that Sona had cut the poor unicorn’s horn.

From that day onwards, all the fairies became angry with Sona, who cried and cried.

After a few days, Nisa called Sona again and gave her apple juice to drink. Telling Sona to drink the juice slowly, Nisa went out and grabbed another unicorn to cut its horn. However, another fairy appeared and caught her red handed.

Then other fairies came and asked Nisa why she had done such a thing. Nisa said that she had done all this because she was not beautiful and that nobody liked her. The other fairies said sorry and from that day onwards they all lived together as friends. — Karan Khadka, Class V, Occidental Public School