There was a girl named Beauty who loved chocolates. One day she was waiting for her grandmother to bring her her favourite chocolates. However, her grandmother came home with other food items but chocolates.

She said, “Grandmother why didn’t you bring my chocolate.”

Her grandmother replied, “Oh good heavens! I am so sorry my dear, I forgot. I’ll bring them


Beauty was so angry that she went out from her house down to a river that was very deep. She was playing near the river, going round and round, when suddenly, she lost her balance and fell into the river.

A man saw her and rescued her.

“I know your home, let’s go,” he said.

But she replied, “I don’t want to go home.” The man persisted and took her home. When she entered her house, it was full of chocolates. Beauty was so happy she couldn’t control herself and gorged on the chocolates.

— Sarah Mathema, Class VI, St Mary’s High School