SCHOOL TIMES : Let’s stop cell phone misuse

Mama, please tell Papa to buy a new SIM card for me.

Mama, please buy me a mobile phone. All my friends carry one.

Mama, please give me some money, I need to recharge my phone.

These demanding sentences have now become very common, especially among students. In general, the actual need for mobile phones is for those who are employed. But school and college going students have taken the use of mobile phones as fashion and are obsessed with having one. The use of new and expensive mobile sets is in great vogue among students these days.

The misuse of mobiles has directly hampered the studies of students. Students take their mobiles to school. Breaking school rules, a feeling of competition has developed among students to have the most expensive and advanced mobiles. They cross disciplinary limits which at times even become the reason for their expulsion. Students do not generally use their cell phones for communicating, rather they use it for extravagant purposes like for listening to music or playing games.

Students demand their parents to buy advanced and expensive mobiles for them without caring about the economic capacity of their parents. It also hampers their relationship with their parents and also harm their studies. The thing that surprises me the most is students playing music on their cell phones so loudly that everyone can hear it, whether they like it or not. This is really irritating but who is going to convince them, even if someone does, they have an answer ready — it’s technology, it’s the latest trend.

Mobile phones are really one of the greatest inventions of all time. No one can deny its importance if used in the right way.

But due to its misuse and overuse, it has really also become a nuisance. The craze for advanced mobiles in students is gradually becoming a social problem.

So, let’s all use mobiles for the right purpose for which it has been made. Let’s not misuse it.

— Aashish Thapa,

Class X, Suryodaya Sai

Secondary School