SCHOOL TIMES : Moulding our life

There are different stages in a person’s life. One of the most important stages of our life is the student life. A person’s responsibilities and duties increase during this period. They learn to become more responsible towards society.

Student life is very critical, proper guidance should be given to students otherwise they can end up taking the wrong direction and being a nuisance to society. The future of the students depend on the education provided to them.

A school must be a place where students can share their feelings of joy and sorrow, wisdom and knowledge with their teachers and friends. There should be friendly environment, which can help students to improve him/herself in all the fields. Proper guidance helps a student to build his character and career.

Students are future leaders of a nation. The prosperity of the nation depends on students. It is the duty of parents, teachers and government to pay great attention to them, and students also must never forget to be thankful to their institutions for inspiring them to ‘Be good and do good’.

— Pratikshya

Sharma and Amshu Gajurel, Class VIII, AVM High School