SCHOOL TIMES : My true friends

Everyone has their own definition for the word ‘Friends,’ and so have I. Our definitions may differ but we all agree that ‘we need friends.’ I have a tale to tell about my friends.

I lived in the first floor of a two storey house which is situated in a narrow lane. Having no friends I was lonely and alone. When children came to our house I would jump with joy and play with them. I was in LKG back then, at that time I never understood what a friend was, and I never had a close friend. I got bored during holidays. Life seemed dull. I used to long for a friend.

After passing the entrance exam of St Mary’s High School it brought me unexplained joy. On the first day I met a girl and we became best friends. Then in another class we met a new girl and we too became friends. That was when I started enjoying life. I had friends!

I loved being with these two friends. I was a lonely girl and friends meant a lot to me. We had a jolly time together. But as we grew up we chose to have different friends and the three of us drifted apart. We enjoyed being with new friends we had found. I have many friends now and enjoy being with them.

However, I cherish past moments with those two great friends, my true friends. When we see each other now we just wave or smile at each other. Their faces remind me of our never-ending talks, our quarrels, and our friendship. Maybe they have forgotten me but I haven’t forgotten them. They still occupy a special corner in my heart.

— Samichhya Khanal, Class VIII,

St Mary’s High School