SCHOOL TIMES : Nepal’s immense possibilities

Politics can simply be defined as the system of running a country. But in Nepal politics has been disappointing. As a result our country is still developing. It is also our duty and responsibility to understand and believe in politics. I know someday there will be political stability and New Nepal is possible. That this Nepal will be better than the present one. There will not be any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, language, sex, geographical regions. Everyone will enjoy equal rights. There will be unity in the national level despite diversity. People will get fruits of development. The infrastructure will be more developed. People will be educated and will certainly get employment. As a result the existing problem of poverty will be eliminated. Those educated people will whole-heartedly participate in development works. The facilities of communication and transportation will be developed. Priority will be given to trade and commerce for economic development.

Natural beauty such as the high mountains, pleasant lakes and rivers can be further used to attract tourists. Nepal is beautiful not only because of the gift of the nature but also the hard work of our ancestors.

Nepal is full of temples, bihars, monastries which win everyone’s hearts and it also helps foster tourism. This will help in economic uplift of the people .The country will accelerate on the path of the development. People will love their country and will be proud to be Nepalis.

Lastly peace will restore in the country and once again we will be able to say that Nepal is a peace zone where Gautam Buddha was born. New Nepal will be formed according to the desire of the people and martyrs. New Nepal will always remember the brave sons who contributed in order to protect the country and will always be grateful to those who gave birth of them.

— Dipraj Bista,

Class IX, Suryodaya Sai

Secondary School