SCHOOL TIMES : Roll of dice

The name ‘Casino’ itself contains a wide variety of different games and enjoyable things with one of them being langur burja. Langur burja is a special kind of dice game, which has been played since ancient times. This fascinating game is especially played during Dashain and Tihar. However, it is also sometimes played at other times of the year.

Langur burja can be played by people of all age groups regardless of their caste, race, religion or nationality. In this game, players have to bet money on any of the six figures they want on the board and the dice. The six faces of the dice are pan (heart), surat (spade), langur/jhanda (flag), burja (crown), eet (brick) and cheed (club). After the host rolls the dice, when any of the figures appears among the total six, the people who have put money on the appearing figure will get double the money.

Meanwhile, the host will collect money from those whose chosen figures have not appeared. So, the host will be winning each time because s/he will take money from those figures. This is the reason why the host is always in profit.

Last time, when I played langur burja with my cousins, I betted Rs 100 on club and luckily, the figure appeared. So I ended up getting 200. I didn’t want to play again because I feared losing all that money that I had won. So I quit! This game adds charm to the beautiful festival Dashain.

— Sarthak Sharma, Grade V, Rato Bangala School