SCHOOL TIMES : Ticket to heaven

There once was a greedy boy. Unfortunately, he died young. And he found himself at the gates of heaven. He started knocking. A guard appeared.

The Boy: Hello, can I enter heaven?

The Guard: What good in life did you do?

The Boy: Just yesterday I gave a friend ten rupees.

The Guard: Fine. Anything more?

The Boy: Five years ago I gave a blind man five rupees. My gifts, therefore, sum up to Rs 15. Isn’t that enough?

The Guard: What? You want to enter heaven on good deeds worth Rs 15? Impossible. Go that way. It leads to hell.

Interested to see what hell was like, the boy went the directed way.

Hell Man: Fry him in hot oil for not doing good work in his life on earth.

The Boy: Hell is deadly and I should run away. If I am ever born again, I will do lots of good

work. — Milisha Ranjit, Class VI, RIBS