SCHOOL TIMES : True to his name

A 12-year-old boy did just what his name mean. In the Nepali language, kamal means a lotus, which has such a rare character, which absorbs purity and beauty from the mud and slime of the swamp. Kamal Nepali showed the same purity and beauty.

The inner strength he has cannot be lost, destroyed or taken away. He has shown that every person has an inborn power, which can contribute towards the benefit of the community in their own little way. It’s rightly said that, ‘Strength doesn’t come from winning, your struggles develop your strength.’

Kamal entered a death trap with courage and rescued Aradhana Pradhan, a toddler trapped in 65 feet deep gorge of Seti river for 22 hours.

His rare deed has made him like a precious treasure. And with his bravery he has been successful in leading his life out of poverty. He gave a new life to Aradhana and to himself as well.

— Pema Wangdu Gurung, Good Shephard Boarding School, Pokhara