SCHOOL TIMES : Using our hidden gifts

A person is born with a special talent. Some can identify it and use it properly to make their life better, but unluckily many cannot identify their talent on time. They search for it outside and in the end are buried with their unused treasures.

God, our creator, is very generous and he has given each and everyone some talent and power. People may have different talents like sketching, singing, dancing, acting, music, anchoring, writing poems, having a charismatic voice et cetera. All these talents are within us, but is covered. It is a hidden treasure. Seeking the treasure is easy for those who have the desire and passion.

Childhood is such a period in which our talents can be seen very easily. But children’s talents are very rarely appreciated by adults. As time passes the child’s talent will be suppressed by negative thoughts and attitudes. The surrounding environment plays a pivotal role in building a person’s character.

If we grow up in a good environment, and have a positive attitude that says, ‘Yes, I can’. it will be developed and one’s talent can flourish easily. If anyone develops a negative attitude that says, ‘No, I can’t’ and ‘I don’t want to’, it kill someone’s talent. Unfortunately, most of us grow up in a bad environment and are not able to seek and expose our talents.

If we have a burning desire to achieve any goal or any status then a bad environment cannot stop us. The best way to use the talent we have is to build a positive attitude by abolishing negative attitudes and brandishing a ‘I can attitude’ and re-ading motivational bo-oks. Our success or failure depends on us rather than on society or country. Identify your hidden treasure and reach the height of success.

— Kejan Bajracharya, Class IX, Magus

English School