Bhaktapur is one of the famous historical places in the Valley. It is a very old town. It was the capital of the Malla Kings. We went to Bhaktapur by bus which took us around 50 minutes. The bus stopped near Siddha Pokhari, a big pond, that isn’t properly maintained.

We went to Durbar Square and visited the National Art Gallery, which contains many historical pictures of the Malla Kings and so has great educational value for students. It is a small gallery but is quite well maintained. Near the gallery we saw the palace where the Malla Kings lived. This palace has 55 windows which is rich with artistic and old designs. Within the premises of this there are other beautiful buildings as well.

We went to the five-storeyed Nyatapole Temple. It is the highest and most famous temple in Bhaktapur.

Most of the people in this town are engaged in agriculture and dairy-farming. Bhaktapur is famous for curds and milk.

We really enjoyed a lot during our visit. We tried to get as much information as possible about the temples as it was a part of our project work. We ate lunch and took few photographs there and then went to the Siddha Pokhari. After sitting there for sometime we boarded our bus to return to school.

The historical importance of this town makes it one of the most preferred tourist destinations. Those who come to visit the Valley hardly miss a visit to Bhaktapur. My visit to Bhaktapur was nice. I knew many historical things and interesting facts about the place.

— Melina


Class- VIII, Future Stars High School