Little birdie

What kind of bird you are

With such colourful


And a red, red beak

Like a cherry fit to eat.

You can fly up in the sky

High over the roofs

You can sing so sweetly

Like the voice of a fairy.

Yet you are in a cage

Playing with the swing

Eating a carrot

Talking very stupidly.

— Sabina Shrestha, Class VI, Nightingale

International Boarding School, Kathmandu


Four seasons in a year

Spring, Summer

Autumn and Winter

Spring and Summer are a little hot

Autumn and Winter

are always cold.

The flowers bloom in

the Spring

The weather is neither

hot nor cold

Summer sweat wets

the body

People take bath


From the cloud the

rains fall

Umbrellas and raincoats are used by all

In winter snow falls all over

And the people start

to shiver.

— Manoj Budhathoki, Class IV, Bhanubhakta Memorial HS School, Kathmandu

My teacher

My teacher is sweet

She lives in a hall

She goes to metro mall

She gives us a loving kiss

She is Nirmala Miss.

— Priyadarshani Shrestha, Class III, Shuvatara School, Kathmandu


My best friend is Manisha

She has a sister named


She likes to play with dolls

Her sister likes to play ball.

Her surname is KC

Her favourite toy is teddy

In my tears and fear

She is always near.

— Nonika, Class V,

Mother Land Academy, Kathmandu

Our journey

In the morning

We go to school

In the evening

We go back home

Home is beautiful

School is too

Family in the home

And teachers at school.

— Aakritti Koirala, Class III, Bagmati Boarding School, Kathmandu