Season of colours

Kathmandu: On this March 3, ‘Ritu Ranga’, a CD of Gopal Yonjan’s compositions will be launched at the Garden of Dreams, Keshar Mahal. The theme of this collection of the maestro’s compositions is based on the six varied seasons — summer, monsoon, pre-autumn, autumn, winter and spring.

The album captures the timeless sounds of Kathmandu; the Selo of the Tamang people; the peace and sense of elevation of having reached great heights on the roof of the world Sagarmatha and in one sublime composition, Ritu Ranga illustrates the diversity and beauty of Nepal with the sensitivity and clarity of a fine painter who touches every stroke with an in-depth understanding of his subject.

Gopal Yonjan, famous composer and singer of the Nepali music industry, believed in the magic and power of music and his compositions reflect this deep innate bond that he believed would touch a common chord around the world transcending man-made barriers and boundaries. ‘Ritu Ranga’ means ‘Colours of the seasons’. It captures the wealth and indomitable spirit of Nepal with its exotic culture, its varied and startlingly beautiful landscape and wealth of flora and fauna. — HNS