Seasons’ different moods


The changing forms of nature are visible the most when seasons change or even in the different forms of seasons. Artist Sagar Manandhar has tried to depict this very phenomenon through his new collection titled ‘Seasons’ which is being exhibited at Q’ Art Gallery at Baryo Fiesta, Naxal from July 1.

He said that through the vibrant colours in the paintings he is trying to emote his feelings. The collection, which has more of abstract pieces, has bright colours. There are splashes of various colours trying to bring out an effect that suggests the seasons. It is the colour combination of the paintings that has made each piece lively. Manandhar has used both contrast as well as different shades of the same colour in his works.

He has also included some etchings in this collection. However, the etchings are more about human as they depict more human figures. The exhibition is on till July 8. — HNS