Second time around

KATHMANDU: This was Max Lolo’s second visit to Nepal and he was participating in Jazzmandu 2004. He remained behind to master his new album ‘Reincarnation’. Though the album was recorded in his country Benin, Africa, Lolo’s second album was launched in Nepal at Moksh on May 8. “It seems I’ve been born before — that I’ve already lived this life. Places I’ve never been to seem familiar. Somehow I know the faces of people I’ve never met. Reincarnation — how else can this be explained?” says Lolo. There are 10 songs in this album and all of them have been written and arranged by Max Lolo himself. At the launch ceremony, the first sale of an autographed album was auctioned at Rs 1,300. Lolo with other local percussionist performed four songs from his new album. — HNS