Seller of dreams

Selling anything from shoes to dry fruits for the last two years at Ason, Binod Prasad Gautam of Kavre has been waiting for Tihar to arrive all year long.

Why are you such big fan of Tihar?

First of all I get to go home and celebrate it with family, and secondly we play deusi all night long which is the most cherished experience for me.

Do you have sister? What are you getting her this Bhai tika?

I have one sister and as always this year too I am gifting her clothes and accessories. That will be more than enough for her.

During festivals what do you feel more happiness or tension regarding expenses?

It’s true that expenses are high during festival, but what do we earn for? To celebrate a few days in a year with family and friends and enjoy. So I don’t worry about expenses and enjoy to the fullest.

What about the street vendor restriction?

I am worried about it and I don’t know what to do — selling stuff is all that I know.