Shakira releases hip shaking songs only

LONDON: Shakira only releases music that makes her hips sway.

The 'Hips Don't Lie' singer uses an unorthodox method to ensure her latest tracks reach her high pop standards - if they don't make her dance, she scraps them.

Shakira - who is famous for her shapely rear - explained: "I'm not a trained dancer. I did a little bit of gymnastics when I was 12 - everything else it's just me feeling the music. But I do have an unorthodox ways to approve my music or test it.

"When I'm in the studio and I'm producing my own music, I've got to make sure I connect to it at a physical level. My body has to move and my hips have to move and if I don't see that kind of reaction, that physical reaction, then I know that something is not working."

The 32-year old star also spoke about the raunchy video for her latest track 'She-Wolf', admitting she enjoyed writhing around sexily as she is so proud of her body.

She said: "I'm less shy now that I've hit my 30s. After that happens you feel a little bit more free, you accept yourself in many different ways and you're more comfortable in your own flesh."