Ship of friends

When you find yourself amidst difficulties, when you find yourself drowning, and when you find negative attitudes bringing you down, you will find 10 alphabets jumping and running towards you.

F will bring the First approach,

R will Remove all your difficulties,

I will always Indicate you,

E will always be there to Encourage you,

N will Never lead you on the wrong path,

D will never Discourage you, and

S will be there to Support you,

H will never Harm you,

I will always Invite joy for you, and

P will always Promote you

And when you combine all these alphabets, you will get the greatest and the strongest bond in the world — friendship. A true friend with true and lively friendship running after you and being with you all the time.

Friendship can change lives.

It is difficult to choose a true friend. A friend who keeps company during times of trouble can be one’s true friend. In our lifetime, we may come across many friends, but very few turn out to be true friends; and when you find a true friend, you need not communicate through words. Everything will be understood.

Friendship is a pure relation. It is not based on any kind of discrimination. We’ve heard stories of relation between Krishna and Sudhama. Krishna was a prince but Sudhama was a poor Brahmin. Yet they were friends. So all of us need true friends who will be with us all throughout life.

— Sanjeev Maharjan, Class IX, Shridiwa

International School