The word “shopping” creates a crater in people’s pockets and delights the minds of the teenagers. As there is a proverb viz “man invented money, women invented shopping,” indeed, women have gone lengths to practise this.

A teenaged girl laden with shopping bags is a common sight to see nowadays, take a peek at her bag you’ll swoon because her bag comprises cosmetics, accessories, clothes, shoes, gifts and many other things including the four-digit bill. Shopping is also confusing the minds of the teenagers because there are so many varieties of clothes today.

A credit goes to the salesperson also who is skilled in flattering a girl to buy a dress which will empty her pockets and make her mother yell.

There are many types of clothes in different colors and styles like halter-tops, faded denim jeans, sequined skirt etc.

The other day I asked my friends about where to go and shopping was the only reply I got, “Long live shopping!”

— Unnati Marda Class VII, Modern Indian School