Should people of colour boycott Oscars, questions Jada

LOS ANGELES: Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith has raised the question of whether or not people of colour should boycott the Oscars after this years nominations once again failed to recognise non-white actors and directors.

When the nominations were announced the hashtag #Oscarssowhite immediately began trending with the Academy being accused of ignoring non-white performers in the major categories, reported Fox news.

“At the Oscars... People of colour are always welcomed to give out awards... Even entertain,” Pinkett-Smith tweeted.

“But we are rarely recognised for our artistic accomplishments. Should people of colour refrain from participating all together? People can only treat us in the way in which we allow. With much respect in the midst of deep disappointment.”

Other names to controversially miss out on a best actor nomination include Idris Elba who starred in Beasts of No Nation and Michael B Jordan for Creed.

Jordan’s Creed co-star Sylvester Stallone received best supporting actor nod, which fuelled some peoples belief that non-white actors were purposefully overlooked.