Show time: No Smoking here


Although Dashain is coming to an end, the festive mood hasn’t died yet. This Saturday, just before you get back to the old work routine, you can enjoy the latest John Abraham movie titled No Smoking.

From the director of the movie Metro, No Smoking is a dark and realistic drama, which revolves around a chain smoker’s struggle to quit his habit.

K (John Abraham) is a chain smoker for whom cigarettes come before everyone, his friends, colleagues and even his wife, Anjali (Ayesha Takia). After trying everything to make her husband quit smoking, Anjali takes him to a rehabilitation centre run by a mysterious man named Baba Bengali Sealdahwale (Paresh Rawal). The movie then shows how K, who is very obstinate and self obsessive, has to go through different punishments as he keeps breaking the rules of the centre.

Shot is places like Kazakhstan, Siberia and Russia, No Smoking has already generated quite an interest among the viewers with its uniquely styled trailers. The movie will be on at Jai Nepal and Gopi Krishna from October 27.