Show time : When they met


This weekend Valley movie buffs will get to watch a very romantic Hindi movie Jab we met, starring real life ‘ex-couple’ Shahid and Kareena Kapoor. After being declared a hit

in India, the movie is going to be screened at Kumari Cinema and Gopi Krishna from November 3.

Aditya (Shahid) is a businessman who is going through a rough patch in his business and love life. Unable to face failures, Aditya aimlessly boards a train. There he meets Geet (Kareena), a pretty but annoyingly talkative girl, on her way to Bathinda. She has plans of eloping with her boyfriend to Manali. When they reach Punjab, Geet’s family mistakes the two for lovers. Soon they leave for Manali. The trip rejuvenates Aditya and he decides to return to Mumbai. His life gets back on track. Everything goes well till Geet’s family confronts Aditya saying she has not returned. He takes it upon himself to find her. Watch the movie at the theatres for what happens next.