MUMBAI: Her debut movie Luck bombed at the box office, but the film’s failure hasn’t detterred Shruti Hassan from making Mumbai her home and trying hard to get a foothold in the Hindi film industry.
“I actually wanted my debut film to be a Tamil movie, but it wasn’t to be. Whatever might have been the response to Luck, I feel that I should settle down in Mumbai to seek greener pastures in Bollywood,” Shruti, who is planning to buy an apartment in central Mumbai, said.
Her mother, actress Sarika, also lives in Mumbai. But the two are not on talking terms as Sarika is upset with Shruti for having a close relationship with her ex-husband Kamal Hassan’s partner Gauthami.
“My mother doesn’t like my friendship with Gauthami Madam. She is angry with me because of this count and avoids speaking to me. I’m not bothered about that,” she said.
Shruti says her father is her biggest support in life, “I want to explore the whole world and I have my daddy’s full cooperation in this. I have self-drawn boundaries which I’d never attempt to cross,” she said.