LONDON: Filmmaker M Night Shyamalan says he is not a fan of found footage films and his latest horror movie The Visit should not be bracketed in that genre.

The Sixth Sense director said that his new release owes more to documentaries than the “haphazard” visual style of films like Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, reported Digital Spy. The Visit centres on a Becca (Olivia De Jonge) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould), siblings who take an ill-fated trip to see their unhinged grandparents.

Shyamalan admitted he wanted to use a documentary format (Becca brings a camera to film their getaway) to distance the movie from the found footage genre. “There isn’t a single word said in it that isn’t written or a single shot that wasn’t storyboarded,” he said.

“I make the big distinction between documentaries and found footage. Documentary has cinematic intent, beauty, art, and aesthetics. Found footage is really haphazard and there’s no cinematic intent behind it, it’s just capturing something.

“The film plays with documentary. Found footage is only in a small area at the end.”