Singin’ in the rain


It rained here on March 10 after one of the longest driest winters that the Capital has ever experienced. And PartyNepal’s Robin Sitoula would have us believe that it was Kamalman Singh’s singing that urged the heavens to rain down.

As Singh was singing Aakash runda jhari hai parchha on the last day of the ‘Shikhar Lights

Music Pop Express — Concert on Wheels’, the overcast sky opened up sending down drizzles that prompted Sitoula to speak those words.

The weather was gloomy but the mood of the 2,500 or so people who had gathered at Golfutar for the Concert on Wheels could not in any sense be labelled gloomy. Even in the drizzle, they danced and sang along with the artistes taking the concert to an altogether different level.

And seeing their fans’ enthusiasm, the singers — Singh, Kranti Ale, Maushami Gurung and Nirnaya da NSK — crooned like there was no tomorrow. And in a way it was as this was the final performance of the Concert on Wheels.

Earlier in the day, the artistes had entertained the crowd at Panitanki grounds, Minbhawan,

who had stomped and jumped to the singers’ bidding and had pumped in some heat into their bodies on this otherwise chill and wet day.

In the five days, starting March 6, the Concert on Wheels organised by Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd travelled to 10 venues around the city, bringing clean fun, entertainment and good music to thousands of the Capital’s denizens. This being a free event, anyone and everyone was able to attend the concerts. And as Ale put it, “This was a good opportunity for people, who could otherwise not be able to buy our tickets, to listen to us.”

All said and done, this was one musical week and we guess Kathmanduites will talk about the Concert on Wheels that visited their toles for quite some time to come.