Sinners’ heaven


A few weeks ago it was with Seven Sensations that Yak and Yeti put your spirits up. This weekend, September 1 to be exact, the hotel wants you to put on your dancing shoes and bogey the night out with Tuborg Sinners in Heaven at the Atrium. The Himalayan Times is the official media.

And to urge you on to the dance floor and show your moves, it will be none other

than DJ Jazzy Joe from New Delhi. A 12-year veteran of the console, DJ Jazzy has not only brought in his own creative style and techniques to the profession but has also achieved immense popularity in clubs\events and radio in India. He has been the winner of the ‘Best DJ of India’, ‘DMC Finalist India’, ‘Screen Gaurav’ and the ‘No 1 DJ of Delhi’ awards, and has to his credit several years on the radio along with lots of stage performances.

DJ Jazzy Joe specialises in playing remixes, hip-hop, ragga, reggae, retro, bhangra, club house and commercial hits.

According to Surendra C Thakuri, marketing and communications manager of the hotel, Sinners in Heaven is one of the best known parties around town that has had the town talking since it was first held around six years ago. Apart from DJ Jazzy’s stunning music, sinners can look forward to winning SIM cards for probably being the best dancer, best dressed... that will be announced by the DJ.

The gates to sinners’ heaven will be flung open at 9:00 pm.