Sir Snob’s sorry

LONDON: Sir Ben Kingsley, Oscar winning star of Gandhi, has apologised for insisting on being called ‘Sir’, both by colleagues and on publicity material, saying he has no recollection of making the demand. reports Kingsley had announced there is ‘no Mr Ben Kingsley anymore’. He had reportedly scolded a German reporter for not addressing him wi-th his full title and was also criticised by former Bond star Sir Roger Moore who slammed his insistence on being called ‘Sir’.

But his costar Morgan Freeman admitted Kingsley did ask people to call him Sir Ben — Kingsley is claiming his innocence. “I was shocked when I found out. No one’s ever asked for the title to be used in this way because that’s not the way we work in this profession. It’s always been and will always be Ben Kingsley. If I have ever insisted on being called ‘Sir’... then I am profoundly sorry. I don’t remember ever doing that and I tend not to forget.”