Sisterhood of melody

They are as different as cheese is from chalk, but Sheetal and Subani Moktan share a special relation — as sisters and as singers.

“We are more like friends than sisters,” they share.

Subani believes that Sheetal as the elder sister is very caring and fun to be with, while Sheetal shares she is very protective about her baby sister.

“We use to fight a lot when we were kids, but now we have learnt to accept our differences and enjoy our relationship,” says Sheetal.

They share everything with each other — college problems, secrets and thoughts.

“But we never share our clothes. We have very different choices,” says Subani, who is a big fan of accessories.

“I sometimes borrow jewellery from her for special events, but I am not an accessories person,” says Sheetal.

Sheetal believes Subani is more confident in what she believes in, and wishes that she too had that quality, but Subani insists that her sister is very patient, a quality she says she lacks.

Though they are pretty close to their cousins, both longed for a younger brother when they were children.

“At other times we did not care much, but during festivals like Rakhi and Bhai tika, I wished we had a younger brother,” says Sheetal. But they both believe that if they had an

elder brother he would have been very protective and bossy.

“If we had a younger brother, we would have pampered him. But who knows we would maybe even fight a lot,” says Sheetal giggling. — Abhilasha Subba