Snap-friendly beauty

Worried about nonphotogenic makeup? Thin lips? Sallow skin? Write to famous and pretty Sneh Rana at and watch your problems vanish in nearly no time.

I am Sunaina all the way from Godavari. I am 32 years old and I have not used foundation yet. But now I am planning to try them. I have a dark complexion. These days I am using Oil of Olay. I wanted to know if this is a good brand to use and it won’t affect my skin? Besides I also wanted to know which brand and colour of foundation would suit my skin? Please do tell me how to apply. — Sunaina

As you have a dark complexion you should choose a foundation that has yellow undertones as darker skin have a lot of yellow pigment and reflect more light, so the skin is a little oily. Darker skin tones should buy oil- free foundation. Use a damp sponge and start by applying and blending from the eye and t-zone outwards. Start around the eye area and blend outwards. Blend it well and bring it down over your jawbone on to your neck. And don’t forget to blend it into your hairline. Set your foundation with a loose powder and make sure there are no creases around the eyes and mouth. Using a powder puff apply the powder gently pressing it into the skin, concentrating on the eyes and creases around the nostrils. Then use a large powder brush and dust of the excess powder in a downward sweep. Any brand of foundation is good, and yes Oil of Olay is a good non- greasy moisturizing lotion for your skin.

Hi Sneh, I am going to a big party this weekend and I know I will be photographed quite a bit. I was wondering what type of makeup I should use so that I look fresh in the photograph as my photographs comes out bad? — Anjali

To keep your skin looking dewy and fresh you should use a tinted moisturizer or a moisture balanced makeup. Foundations with yellow undertones work best with flashy photographs. Don’t get carried away with shimmer highlighters as in the photos your shimmer can turn into an unflattering reflective shine. And remember to put your best smile forward!

I have very thin lips. Can you please teach me how to apply lipstick on them? — Sabita.

If your lips are too thin and straight, apply your lipstick from slightly above the line of the upper lip and slightly below the line of the lower lip. Curve the line slightly with a lip pencil. Make your lips look fuller by using a darker and richer shade of lipstick in the center and a lighter one in the corners.

The prize for the question of the week goes to Sunaina.