Spanish film fest

Kathmandu: The Spanish agency for international cooperation is organising the third Spanish film festival from November 17 at the Russian Culture Centre.

Cultural representative of the Spanish government in Nepal, Ambika Shrestha, at a press meet at Dwarika’s Hotel said, “The festival is among many other cultural eve-nts is organised in Nepal to strengthen the ties between Spain and Nepal.”

The festival will showcase five Spanish films with English subtitles — El Milagro, Astronautas, Familia, Piedras and Noviembre.

It was also informed that the films have been chosen from different genres so that it would help shed light on the diverse culture of Spain. Following the film festival, a Spanish pianist is also scheduled to perform on the sponsorship of European Union. The proceeds of the event will be donated to build a music university in Bhaktapur. Entry is free.


Nov 17: El Milagro De Candeal at 5:00 pm

Nov 18: Astronautas at 12:00 noon; Familia at 4:00 pm

Nov 19: Piedras at 12:00 noon; Noviembre at 4:00 pm