Sparkling clean

KATHMANDU: Who doesn’t want a clean kitchen? Every woman devotes a good amount of time to keep her kitchen clean and sparkling. However, cleaning the kitchen doesn’t just include the room and its furniture; in fact utensils are the most important part and has to be dirt-free and hygienic. Here are few effective cleaning tips —

• Fill your dirty thermos bottle with warm water and one heaped teaspoon of baking soda. Let sit overnight then clean and rinse thoroughly.

• To clean pots made of aluminium, boil apple peels in it.

• If the bottlebrush doesn’t prove effective in cleaning dirty bottles, fill the bottle half-full of warm soapy water and add a handful of pea-size pebbles. Shake vigorously. If you are afraid of breaking the bottle, try this with split peas or other dried beans.

• You can use old toothbrush to clean enamelware and forks.

• Run a piece of bread through dirty grinder before washing it.

• To keep your oven spotless, sprinkle a combination of salt and cinnamon on any spillovers that occur while baking. Not only does it prevent the burnt smoky smell from filling the house, but you should also be able to use a spatula to lift the whole piece after the oven cools.