Sparkling silver


Shining, sparkling silver jewellery looks good with almost anything you wear. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants with or without stones are all beautiful. Silver jewellery blends perfectly with low cut jeans or graceful sarees.

It is usually the sweat that makes silver jewellery turn dark and gives it that drab look. The jewellery might even get spoilt if it has a lot of mixture. Though it is difficult to find out how pure silver jewellery is the best way is to see how soft it is. The softer it is, the better the quality; the harder it gets, the more mixture it contains.

There are ways to keep those beautiful pieces gleaming like on the day you bought them.Bibek Rana from Sterling Silver Crafts, Thamel shares some tips on how to keep your silver jewellery as good as new.

• The best option to clean and give silver jewellery that shine is to use Colgate powder (yes, the one you use to brush your teeth). Put the powder in a coarse piece of cloth and rub the silver jewellery with it.

• Lemon is another good option. Squeeze it in a bowl. Take a brush, dip the brush in the lemon juice and clean the jewellery with it. The advantage of using a brush is that small pieces that are stuck in corners will be easily removed.

• Soap water is good too. Rub the jewellery with soap water and clean it with a brush, and wash it with clean water — the result, sparkling silver jewellery.

• Store your silver jewellery wrapping it in a piece of cloth. Avoid plastic as it damages silver.

None of the above mentioned cleaning agents will harm your jewellery. If your jewellery piece has any stones in it, the above mentioned methods can be used. It will not harm the stones.