SRK’s fat determination


Just about everybody has been wondering what’s with King Khan’s long mane, bulging biceps and six-pack abs. Not the requirement of another film, says the actor, but his son’s wish.

If he is to be believed, son Aryan kicked a girl in his class because she called his father ‘fat’. Not a very nice thing for his son to do, declares Shah Rukh, but the incident made him tone up his physique.

“My son had a skirmish with a girl who said I was an a***ole, and that I look ugly on KBC, and that I was fat.”

The last one, the boy could digest and landed a kick on the unsuspecting girl.

“I did get angry on him for what he did but he told me ‘You don’t look ugly, I know that. You are not an a******, I know that. But even I feel that you are fat.’ So I had no other option but to work on it,” the actor admitted.

Now, that’s what we call small inspiration and big determination. — Agencies