Ssshh... it’s exam time

Before the bell rings calling students to enter the examination hall, they are seen either lost in some thought or turning over pages of books and notebooks outside the hall. They enter the hall with anxiety and nervousness and take their seats. Their hearts start to pound so loudly that one can actually believe that the beats can be heard all around the room

The answer sheets and the question papers are distributed by the invigilators. Some close their eyes and pray to God thinking it will help them answer the paper properly, some just sit there quiet and confident whereas others are seen whispering for last minute airing of doubts inside the hall.

The examination begins and students are at it for three hours thinking, remembering writing (sometimes not writing), some chewing the end of their pens and some trying to peep into the answer sheet of the next fellow.

For those that have prepared really well, the three hours seem pass in the wink of an eye. But for those who have not, it feels like they have been stranded in the hall for ages and ages.

The bell rings indicating it is time to hand in the papers. Some give them up more than willingly, some look unsure of what they have written in the three hours, and there are some from whom one has to snatch the answer sheets from.

That brings one to the end of an examination with the same scene to be repeated till the examination era ends.