stars incognito

LONDON: Cameron Diaz has kept several costumes from her movies which she wears in public to remain anonymous.

She said, “I have enjoyed taking home some of the costumes from movie sets, in particular when I played Lotte Schwartz in Being John Malk-ovich. That was really fun because I had these brown contact lenses and crazy wig and I would go shopping as Lotte. People didn’t even want to help me.”

Cameron is not the only celebrity to make an extra effort not to be recognised when they go out. Lost star Dominic Monaghan revealed he wears a disguise when he goes out as he doesn’t always have time to talk to fans.

He said, “I unfortunately have to get to places on schedule, I don’t do a huge amount of stopping. I wear little disguises so I don’t get stopped, but it’s good to feel the love, and good to know people are supportive of projects that I’m involved with.”

Katy Perry — famed for her outrageous outfits — revealed she remains anonymous by wearing regular clothes as nobody expects her to dress down

in public. She said, “I am like a ninja when it comes to disguise. I am really good at putting on a hat and sunglasses and leaving my sparkly outfits at

home and putting on some sweats or something.”