Stars score goals for charity


Fun, sports and glamour all came together for a social cause at the Rupak Memorial Football Cup 2065 on May 17. A huge crowd had gathered at the Dashrath Stadium for the friendly football match between the movie stars and comedy actors of television.

All the stars present were enthusiastic and happy to change their role for that of a sportsperson for a day. From yesteryears’ popular stars like Basundhara Bhusal, Sunil Thapa and Nir Shah to today’s top movie stars like Nikhil Upreti and Niruta Singh, the movie fraternity had turned up in full strength for a fun filled afternoon.

All the popular actors of television like Dipak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree, Kiran KC, Sitaram Kuintel and Rabi Dangol among others also showed their sporty side. All the actors were greeted with a huge cheer by the spectators and especially when the commentator of the match, Manoj Gajurel, addressed the television stars with their onscreen characters’ names.

Dhren Shakya, Shiv Shrestha, Vikrant Basnet, Sri Kirshna Shrestha, Ashok Sharma, Sri Krishna Shrestha, Rajendra Khadgi Shankar BC, played for the movies stars’ team captained by Sunil Thapa. The other team captained by Dipak Raj Giri had Kumar Gajurel, Jitu Nepal, Krishna Siwakoti, Purna Thapa, Shiva Hari Poudel among others as players. Niruta Singh also entered the field for sometime and tried her skills. The zest with which actor Shiva Shrestha played the game was quite noticeable and even the commentator repeatedly mentioned it.

And the comedy actors did fail to make everyone laugh even on the field. The moment Kiran KC’s shoes went flying in the air while he was entering the filed was probably the most hilarious sight of the day.

However, during the half time the crowd just couldn’t stop themselves and a huge number of boys ran towards the celebrities to take their autographs and to have a closer look at their favourite stars. This did delay the match a bit but everything went back to normal after the stars themselves requested the spectators to take their seats.

The match ended at 2-0 score with the movie stars as winners. Shankar BC scored both the goals, one in each half of the match.

The match was organised by Rupak Memorial to support higher education of students of Rupak School, which provides education to children who are disabled and orphans.