Flower power

Binaya Ghimire:

Flowers have a salient place in our lives, even today. We are all aware of the fact that they are a must in various occasions — ceremonies, social and religious activities, for instance, in puja and prayers as offerings. Besides, they are also a need during nuptial ceremonies and even at death. But most of us are not aware of their healing power. Flowers also have an important role in maintaining our health and general well-being.

The aromas from flowers have medicinal. It is said that the highest concentration of life force in a plant is found in flowers. The folk medicines practised by ethnic tribes around the globe still make use of flowers.

Many diseases are rooted in our mind and emotions. When the transformation occurs at emotional level, the physical change is long lasting. Flower therapy does not overreact. It just balances any disorder. Ancient philosophies reveal that, we cannot enjoy total fitness until and unless our mind, body and spirit are balanced. Healing power of flowers lie in their energy fields, which give them their unique healing characteristics.

Dew or flower water collected in apparatus and preservatives like brandy or glycerine is added to be used internally or externally. This is the essence of flower therapy. The whole thing works on the fact that water has memory and hence retains the energy received from the flower for a long time. This method has nothing to do with aromatherapy or essential oils. A wide range of illnesses can be cured in this way.

Which flower does what: Sunflower can cheer you if exasperated. Cacti helps to strive harder — notice how it lives in hazardous conditions! For those with morning blues, blue bells are ideal as it has rejuvenating powers. Red hibiscus enhances compatibility between people whereas white hibiscus is perfect for anyone who feels out of tune with their own spiritual nature. Ashok is for those suffering from trauma and also who fret and fume.

Acacia rips off feelings of bitterness and resentment. It also reduces tiredness and cures bronchitis. Lotus — king of all flowers — is mainly used for spiritual growth all over the world. Morning glory helps fight drug addiction and tippling. Neem leaves curb acne and other skin rashes. To rein sexual promiscuity in men, you can use lilac.

How to go about it: You do not have to go around looking for flower healers to start your flower therapy, just dip flowers in water for some hours, add glycerine or brandy and use it and feel the difference.