Stay fit : Relax your body

Day to day activities can relax your body and keep it free from stress.Here are few easy and simple tips:

Physical activity: Exercise can reduce stress and the stress response. Aerobic exercise is especially useful for counteracting the harmful effects of stress. Even everyday activities such as house cleaning can reduce your stress level if you do them vigorously. Stretching is also a good way to relieve muscle tension.

Doing something you enjoy: A meaningful activity helps relieve tension. This can be a hobby, such as gardening; a creative activity, such as writing, crafts, or art; or doing volunteer work for a cause that benefits others. Playing with and caring for pets also can help you relax.

Body-centred relaxation: Body-centred relaxation skills are especially useful for people who experience physical symptoms of stress. These skills include:

Breathing exercises: such as roll breathing, a type of deep breathing.

Massage: You can see a massage therapist, have a friend or family member give you a massage, or even give yourself a massage.