Stay fit: Walk for fitness

Walking can be a good form of exercise since it costs nothing, requires no partner and expensive gadgets, but will burn nearly the same calories as jogging. It does not burden the body and if done in calm surroundings like a park or country road will let off the tension in your mind and body.

Before you use walking as exercise

1) Do not eat an hour before going out for a walk. If you exercise right away after eating, you are going to overburden yourself as digesting takes a lot of energy. Fruits or juices are okay since they do not tax the system as much.

2) Although an early morning walk is better because the air is significantly fresher, for people who only have the afternoon to do it, it is okay.

3) Avoid busy roads. You need fresh air and green calming surroundings. The aim is to relax the mind as well as exercising the body.

How to do it

1. Get at least 30 minutes walk everyday.

2. Vary your routes so that you are not walking on flat ground.

3. If you cannot maintain brisk pace, alternate with a more comfortable pace

Our Last Word

If you cannot allocate 30 minutes a day, don’t worry. The most important thing is to do it regularly. Walking, as exercise will restore your peace of mind, make your blood pressure

normal and control your appetite.