STAYFIT: Let’s Eat Right

Feeling good starts with eating right. Eating right doesn’t mean giving up your favorite foods. It means filling your diet with lots of healthy foods and enjoying your faves every once in a while. Start with the five easy steps to eating healthy, not only will you stay fit but you’ll feel great!

The 5 easy steps to eating healthy:

Limit soda and fruit drinks – Soda is like candy in a can. When you are thirsty do you eat candy? If you want a drink it’s because you’re thirsty, choose water.

Increase your daily servings of fruit and vegetables – Make your daily diet full of color with fruits and vegetables. This is the good stuff!

Find out how much of the good stuff your body needs each day.

Change to whole grain products – Whole grains are the fuel your body wants and needs to power through the day. Stock up the kitchen with some healthy choices of whole grains.

Eat more foods with calcium – Its true, every body needs milk! The amount of milk you need to eat depends on age. Calcium builds those healthy bones, just make the change to 1% low fat milk and be sure you are getting the milk you need each day!

Choose healthy foods when dining out – Make super-sizing a thing of the past or you will end up super-sized! Find the healthy choices off the menu and keep an eye out for super-sized portions.