Steamy kiss between Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young in K-drama What's Wrong With Secretary Kim heats up YouTube, racks up over 200 million views!

 KATHMANDU: A passionate kiss shared by the lead pair of a 2018 South Korean drama is drawing a lot of views in recent days.

A kiss shared by Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has skyrocketed past 200 million views on YouTube, according to Soompi.

The hit drama that aired in 2018 starred Park Seo-joon as a smart and handsome but arrogant vice-president of a company, and Park Min-young as his highly-skilled longtime secretary. When she announces she’d be resigning to focus more on her own life, he becomes determined to convince her to stay.

The lead pair’s chemistry was no joke with the two sharing a number of memorable kiss scenes, but the clip that has been racking up views is from episode 13 of the drama, when the pair spends their first night together.

Quoting SpoTVNews Soompi noted that the views on YouTube had reached 100 million on August 9 of this year. By September 7, it had surpassed 200 million views, meaning it shot up by 100 million views in just close to a month.

It noted that as of September 9 at 5:00 am KST, the video had over 219.8 million views!

The video has also reached over 423,000 ‘likes’ on YouTube.

While SpoTVNews has also pointed out that not only have the views been soaring, the scene is also popping up in related searches on Korean portal sites. Searching for 'What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim' on Korea’s largest portal site Naver currently leads to the suggested related search ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim kiss scene’.

Park Seo-joon’s last project was this year's superhit Itaewon Class, while Park Min-young starred in the romantic drama I’ll Come To You When The Weather Is Fine.

Link to the kiss scene that’s gone viral: