Step by step with my mentor

In my piano teacher I met a person who changed the direction of my life.

When I first met him, his physical presence was not so awe-inspiring as I had expected it to be.

I had often heard my friends saying that he was a great pianist.

But learning under him, I realised he was indeed that perfect master I had been looking for all along.

His tutorial techniques were really amazing and he was competent with the keys that he really impressed. His most amazing attribute was his gift at guiding me over my lessons.

He was a true master as he was humble and never thought himself to be great or something. “An instructor can only tell you the ways, he cannot drag you into doing it,” he used to tell me.

Initially it was difficult for me to tackle the keys, but once he was able to instill the passion in me, there was no looking back. Music became my passion. I could feel music from my heart helping me realise what I could do with it.

Thus, began my journey with music.

He taught me the importance of rigorous practice and only through perseverance would I attain success. And he was correct. The more I practised, the better I became. He was not merely giving me lessons in music, but giving me the mantra of success.

He has created that will in me, which is the sole reason for my musical achievement. Whatever I have achieved till now would not have been possible without him.

I admire him because he was that ray of light when I had lost hope. He gave me back my confidence and the zeal to do something in life. Without him I would be nothing.