Steps to success

Success is the outcome of our labour, ambition and concentration. Of course, we need to overcome many obstacles whlie climbing the mountain of success. Knowing this fact, we should try to be a person of action.

Success relies on many factors. It is often found that people practice day and night for their success. But unfortunately, some people become person of straw in the process of making a name.

What might be hindering their success? It might be lack of confidence. Confidence is the greatest strength that can help one’s dream come true.

An intelligent examinee can perform well in exam only if s/he has enough confidence. The rule of

life is — unidentified destiny guides us. However, there are many cases where people are achieving success by the virtue of luck. Thus, luck is also a secondary gift that can bring success.

Success also depends on our aim. If we have a very high aim, it may take several attempts to achieve it.

In a nutshell, let us practice hard with high confidence; success is a stone’s throw away.