Street tales

Garland of joy

Bhimsenthan resident Sanjay Malakar has been busy the last few days selling makhamali garlands which are a must for Bhai tika. Every year during Tihar he brings flowers from Dhapakhel and sells them in the market at Maru Ganeshthan.

How is business during tihar?

We’ve been doing it in our family for ages and we make a pretty good profit during the season. Let’s say it’s sufficient to make the festival memorable.

Do you prefer Tihar or Dashain?

Tihar of course. During Dashain everyone goes home — ali khallo huncha (celebration is bland), but Tihar is much more fun and all the lights makes it beautiful.

Do you have sisters? What do you plan to gift her this Bhai tika?

I have four sisters, and instead of money I’m planning to gift them shawls for the winters.

Do you play Deusi?

No, never did but my sons enjoy it.